Mezzo - Soprano
Bracha Kol - Mezzo Soprano

As a many-faceted artist, Bracha likes cooperating with various musicians, performing in a diversity of styles and genres.

She is a member of 3 successful ensembles, performing in Israel and abroad.

1) - an Israeli ensemble specializing in contemporary music. Since Meitar Ensemble's inception in 2004 by founder and director Amit Dolberg, the group has established itself not only as a prominent array of young virtuosos though as significant contributors to the development of Israeli culture and music. They are the winners of the "Binyamin Award" in 2006, "Partosh Award" in 2008, and the acclaimed "Landau Award" in 2010 for classical music performers.
The ensemble has vitalized the Israeli new music scene through commissions from composers of all generations in Israel. Over the past seven years they have had over 120 new works written for them.
The Meitar Ensemble has been premiering new music world-wide in some of the most prestigious venues and festivals. These include: Russia legendary composers hall in St. Petersburg: England (Purcell Room, London), France (Centre Pompidou, Paris), Germany (Radial System, BKA, Berlin), Moscow (Moscow conservatory hall) Spain, Finland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy and Israel, Zeitkunst Festival in Berlin, The Biennale for Contemporary Music in Tel Aviv, The Kfar Blum Festival, Sofia Pianissimo Festival, The EU Cultural Capitol Festival, Spanish Night Festival in Germany and the Heidelberg Biennale for Contemporary Music.
Since Bracha joined the Meitar ensemble in 2010, she has performed with them numerous pieces in different styles, including: Scönberg - "Pierrot Lunaire", John Cage - "Aria", Josef Tal - "Else" as well as Israeli premieres and world premieres by Jonathan Berger, Arie Shapira, Ron Weidberg, Oded Assaf and others.
Recently Bracha was invited by the "Israel Music Institute" to record a CD of music by the Yiddish composer Leibo Levine, with pianist Amit Dolberg. The CD will be released in 2013, in the IMI label.

Arie Shapira - 1943
"Antigone" - for voice, ensemble and electronics (2009)
Meitar ensemble, 2011
  Josef Tal - 1910-2008
"Else" (about the life of Else Lasker - Schüler)
For voice, narrator and ensemble (1975)
Meitar ensemble, 2010, Recorded at a concert
Leibo Levine - 1914-1983
The Yiddish song - "ריד ראפ דילגיו" (Lullaby for you)
Bracha Kol (Mezzo-Soprano) & Amit Dolberg (piano)
From the CD "טסבראה רעניילק - ןוגינ" - "A Little Autumn Melody - songs by
Leibo Levine"- which will be released in 2013, in the IMI label.

2) Bracha Kol's enthusiasm for a wide range of classical music styles, has generated the musical cooperation with Israel's leading classical guitarist Oded Shoub, who shares her interest. Besides their performances as soloists, the two perform several years as a duo for voice and guitar at all the leading festivals and concert halls in Israel.
Together they have created original theme programs- focusing on the verbal message, the content of the songs, and explanations regarding the works and the periods in which the music has been created.
The lyrical interlacement between voice and guitar, the unique chamber music atmosphere of their performances, has brought the duo many fans.
Presently they are working on the recording of a CD.

A program of love songs composed over the years - from the Renaissance and until recent days, including "hits" from different periods like: "Flow my Tears" by Dowland, Schubert's "Serenade" and "Rose on the Heath", Faure's "After a Dream" to the chansons of Jacques Brel.

A musical journey through Spain encompassing various periods and styles - from the mellow Renaissance songs to the stormy and popular works of Manuel de Falla, the virtuoso solo creations for guitar by Albeniz and of course - the famous arias of Carmen. The program is homage to the magical and beautiful things life has to offer: music, nature and of course - love.

The ensemble "From Andalusia to Thessaloniki" - musically managed by the world renowned musician, Yair Dalal, has set its goal to perform the traditional Ladino (a Spanish-Jewish language which is still spoken by the descendants of the Jews who were expelled from Spain during the Spanish Inquisition) music. The ensemble creates a dialogue between the musicians who are playing on traditional ethnical instruments: Yair Dalal - oudist, Erez Monk - percussionist and musicians who specialize in Baroque and Renaissance music performance: Bracha Kol - Mezzo-Soprano, Doret Florentin - recorder and Ira Givol - viola da gamba.
The special combination of instruments creates an incredibly beautiful sound. The program features popular and loved songs like: Durme durme, Yo m'en amori d'un aire and Nani nani - in Ladino, Greek and Hebrew.

All the original arrangements are the work of the performers themselves.

A review in the Ha'aretz Newspaper - Chagai Chitron 19.12.2011: "We were offered a mix of Ladino songs, some of them very famous. They were performed by refined artists: the singer Bracha Kol, in a heart moving stage performance, the oudist Yair Dalal, Erez Monk-percussion, Ira Givol - viola da gamba, Doret Florentin - recorder. These songs are caressing, because of their beautiful melodies and their popular, nostalgic connotation."

Bracha Kol - PR photo
Bracha Kol - PR photo
Bracha Kol - PR photo

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