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From the leading classical music Israeli TV program - "Intermezzo with Arik"

An interview to the Israeli Television, prior to the Premiere of the Opera "The Child Dreams" - Interviewer: Channi Nachmias

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From an interview in the Dutch classical music magazine, LUISTER
Interview by Rene Seghers, Photo: Joost Leijen. LUISTER MAGAZINE,
Sep. - Oct. 2012 (Translated From Dutch)

The Israeli Mezzo Soprano, Bracha Kol, used to be a renowned recorder player. At a certain point, the instrument stopped inspiring her and she moved on to singing. "I felt like a mechanical nightingale and in singing I finally found the way to express my emotions".

The Israeli Mezzo Soprano Bracha Kol greets me with a friendly " Goedenavond, hoe gaat het?" (Good evening. How are you?). This is because she had studied for some years in The Netherlands, she explains. Recently Kol has recorded a beautiful CD with arias and Lieder (art songs) by Händel, Vivaldi, Purcell, Bach, Rossini and Berlioz.

Although she is presently performing as a femme fatale in the opera, Kol's career took a completely different start. "It is true that I used to be a child prodigy, but as a recorder player. At the age of thirteen I already played with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra led by Zubin Mehta. But when I was fifteen, there was not so much for me to learn in Israel. I was recommended to go to Marion Verbruggen in Utrecht. This is what I did. When I was seventeen, I graduated there.

"Already during my first voice lesson, my teacher told me, that I had an opera voice", says Kol. "Later I thought that this has been a matter of fate. The word "Bracha" means "blessing" and the meaning of "Kol" is "voice". In Israel people think that this is a stage name, intentionally chosen by me".

A year after her first singing lesson, Kol was already performing. "I had a strong preference for contemporary opera. This was because during my composition studies I came to understand how difficult it is for contemporary composers and that they often have to settle for performances with amateurs. I decided to devote some of my time to this genre, in order to give optimal justice to their work. I am especially proud of the world Premiers that I have sung: the operas "The Child Dreams" by Gil Shohat and "Alice in Wonderland" by David Sebba. These two parts were especially written for me. It really gives you a special feeling if someone writes a role in an opera for you. Because of my recorder studies, I'm also very interested in early music. After all, I was playing then mainly early music."
As the Mezzo Soprano soloist in Dvorak's Stabat Mater, Bangor Maine Symphony, Maestro Lucas Richman:
BSO gives powerful performance of Stabat Mater The Bangor Symphony Orchestra ended its 2012-13 season with a stirring performance of Antonin Dvorak's Stabat Mater, under the baton of BSO Music Director Lucas Richman. The Israeli Mezzo-Soprano Bracha Kol's rich, dark voice - heard in the United States for the first time - was well suited to the ninth movement's somber, march-like aria. Hopefully, this will not be the last time we hear her.
Marcia Gronewold Sly, FenceViewer Maine, USA, April 15th, 13
On her role as "A Woman Born for Love" from The Child Dreams (Gil Shohat):

Bracha Kol, as A Woman Born for Love rules the scene with her voice, her body, her acting and her outfit.
Michael Handelzalts, "Haaretz", Jan. 19th, 10

Bracha Kol is excellent as "A Woman Born for Love". Her role is excruciatingly demanding: frequent fluctuations of the vocal range, and a mostly atonal and rigorous recitative. Kol overcomes these obstacles and creates a memorable character.
Nick_Shadow, "Tel-Aviv City", Jan. 19th, 10

Bracha Kol as "A Woman Born for love" provided provocative moments.
Markus Gründig, "Kultuefreak.DE" Mai 12
On her role a The Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland (David Sebba)
The singer scorching the stage is Bracha Kol who stole the scene as "The Queen of Hearts". Her role in "Alice", like her role in "The Child Dreams", enables her to fully express her unique talent. Kol's voice is exceptionally vigorous, flexible and astoundingly wide ranged - her ability to "jump over" form the depth of the alto to the peak of the soprano and back - is staggering. Adding to that a magnetically performance and the result is that albeit this queen's tyrannical personality, everyone will fall in love with her.
Nick_Shadow, "Tel-Aviv City", Aug. 12th, 10

Bracha Kol, as Queen of Hearts, has shown an impressive theatrical ability and sang her part with temperament and charisma.
Omer Shomrony, "Globes", Aug. 15th, 10
As Cinderella, "La Cenerentola" The Israeli Opera, Maestro David Sebba:
"...Dedication, talent and imaginative production, as well as uncompromising striving for the highest artistic quality is probably the simplest formula to achieve everything. The Israeli Opera recruited an ensemble of soloists like no other for the children and Bracha Kol enchanted them..."
Noam Ben-Zeev, "Ha'Aretz", Apr. 14th, 08

Mezzo Soprano Bracha Kol, the "Cinderella" of the production,spreads gracefully natural stardust"
Hila Aharon-Brik,"Habama", Dec.18th, 08

"...Bracha Kol's performance as Cinderella was a great success with a pleasing & lovely voice..."
Elybikoret, "E-Mago", Feb. 14th, 07

"Bracha Kol, Mezzo-Soprano, a gracious actress with a serious work capacity, is the star of the project (Cindarella). She is staturesque, honest, appealing, and makes everything look easy. Opera with her is alive and real..."
Anna Shechtovich,"Novosti Niedeli" , January 4th, 2007
As Mercedes, "Carmen" The Israeli Opera's revival of Zeffirelli's staging, Maestro Emmanuel Joel-Hornak:
"Bracha Kol, in addition to being a singer, is both a gifted musician and professional Flamenco dancer. Her connection to the role springs from her personal expression and sensuality..."
Avital maor, "Ha'ir", June 2009

"Bracha Kol would never be cast as the "best friend" in a Hollywood movie. She is far too beautiful. Singing the role of Mercedes in the Israeli Opera's revival of Zeffirelli's staging of Carmen, her involvement in the role is intense. Drawn to opera for its expressive qualities and merging of art forms, Kol clearly enjoys immersing herself in the movement, music and character of each new role, from Cinderella to the Fox in Cunning Little Vixen..."
Ayelet Dekel, "Jerusalem Post", May 27th 2009
As Mezzo Soprano soloist in Respighi "Il Tramonto", Israel Chamber Orchestra, Maestro Gil Shohat:
"...Bracha Kol's singing conveys empathy and openness with a voice which is rich, strong and amazingly beautiful..."
Hagai Hitron, "Haaretz", Jul. 15th, 07
As the soloist in J.S.Bach, Alto Solo Cantata no.35, Israel Chamber Orchestra, Maestro Gabor Hollerung:
"...Bracha Kol sang this very difficult role, at her level best. The coloratura in the second aria was crystal clear. No doubt - there is no singer in Israel at the moment, who can overcome this obstacle with any more success..."
Hagai Hitron, "Haaretz", Nov. 17th, 05
As the Mezzo Soprano soloist in J.S. Bach Christmas Oratorio, Jerusalem Symphony, Maestro Peter Screier:
"...Peter Screier conducted the Oratorio with profound insight, and full erudition of the score. This had a wonderful effect on the soloists: Bracha Kol sang her arias with warmth and compassion..."
Ora Binur, "Maariv", Dec. 20th, 04

"...Bracha Kol's, mellow and rich alto voice contributed greatly to the event..."
Hagai Hitron, "Ha'aretz", Dec. 21st, 04
As Moritz in Gil Shohat's "Max&Moritz" (World Premiere) The Israeli Opera, Maestro Gil Shohat:
"...Merav Barnea and Bracha Kol have the skills for doing all the complicated choreography and tricks of "Max & Moritz" themselves: Besides their well trained voices and proven singing abilities, they have amazing coordination and very quick perception..."
Smadar Hirsch, "Maariv", Oct. 4th, 2004

"...The young professional singers, with Merav Barnea and Bracha Kol in the leading roles of "Max & Moritz", were excellent..."
Chanoch Ron, "Yediot Aharonot", May 19th, 2004

"...Merav Barnea (Max) and Bracha Kol (Moritz) both act and sing superbly..."
Omer Shmroni, "Jerusalem Post", Jun. 2nd, 04
As Olga in "Yevgeni Oniegin",The Israeli Opera, Maestro Asher Fisch:
"...Bracha Kol, (as Olga), gives to this role life and characterization, with beautiful singing..."
Ora Binur, "Maariv" , Jan. 19th, 2003

"...Bracha Kol (Olga), was outstanding, also in her stage presence..."
Ariel Hirschfeld, "Haaretz", Jan. 31st, 2003
As the soloist of an Israeli contemporary piece, Musica Nova Ensemble, Maestro Doron Solomon:
"...Mezzo Soprano Bracha Kol's renditions of Benjamin's Bar-Am's "Two songs of Defiance" was impressive and profoundly moving..."
Uri Epstein, "Jerusalem Post", Oct. 5th, 03
As the soloist of Milahud "Six Hebrew Songs" and Ravel "Hebrew Melodies", Santa Cecilia Orchestra, Maestro Philippe Entremont:
"...Six Popular Hebrew songs, by Darius Milahud, interpreted by Bracha Kol, a graceful Israeli Mezzo-Soprano, with convincing comprehension and sensual timbre of voice. The two refined "Hebrew Melodies" by M.Ravel, involved the same technique and the same spirit..."
IL Tempo, "Cronca Di Roma", Sep. 9th, 2002
As the Mezzo Soprano soloist in J.S. Bach "St.Matthew's Passion", Rishon Symphony Orchestra, Maestro Christoph Spering:
"...The evening's most beautiful note was sounded with precisely performed duet by Soprano Merav Barnea, and Mezzo Bracha Kol: So very exiting and perfectly well matched..."
"City", Feb. 2002
As the soloist in Respighi "Il Tramonto"and Oded Zehavi's "Omer", The Hubermann Quartet, Tel-Aviv Museum:
"...The Younger set of local singers now has an outstanding alto - Bracha Kol. A warm, dark - timbered voice in the low register, an uncommonly pleasing bright, pure sound in the high one, and an immensely enjoyable intense expression were the features of her performance in Respighi's "Il Tramonto".

In Oded Zehavi's "Three Hebrew songs" her voice was even more moving, while always exhibiting refined musical taste..."
Uri Epstein, "Jerusalem Post", Feb. 23rd, 2001
As the Mezzo Soprano soloist in J.S. Bach Solo cantata no.170, The New Israeli Chamber Ensemble, Maestro Robert Canetti:
"...The attraction of the concert, of course, had been Bach's cantata no.170. The soloist, the gifted Alto singer - Bracha Kol, sang her role with confidence and precision. The duet with the Organ was fascinating, and the ending - exciting..."
Hagai Hitron, "Haaretz", Nov. 19th, 2001
Bracha Kol in LUISTER MAGAZINE (The Netherlands)
A Woman Born for Love
The Queen of Hearts
La Cenerentola
A concert with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
Yevgeni Oniegin
Yevgeni Oniegin (rehearsal)
A concert with the Israel Philharmonic
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